Bacite pogled odozgo na prelepu zemlju ispred vas! Imate priliku da osvojite najviše vrhove Srbije i da vidite kako izgleda Pogled s neba! Povedite ekipu na vikend ture opuštanja po najlepšim krajevima naše zemlje. Ajmo u šetnju do vrha ! :)

Adventures Balkan

...a place where east meets west, still waiting to be explored. Discover lands steeped in culture both rich and diverse; its ancient cities, many that harbour remnants of the once mighty Roman Empire, cater for all tastes with myriad attractions to offer. Stand in awe of the numerous natural wonders spread across the landscape: canyons, primordial forests and crystal clear rivers await your discovery. It is not something that can be summed up in words; it can be only felt and experienced. Forget the west, travel east!

Upcoming adventures

Three in one - featured image

Three in one: Adventure in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia

In this tour you are bound to experience the extremes of both adrenaline and hedonism, all whilst learning about the way of life of these lands.

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The true taste of Balkans - featured image

The true taste of Balkans

Our adventure will take us across Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina; through mountains, rivers, hidden places and ancient cities.

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Balkan pearls - featured image

Kayak and Rock Climb in Serbia

The Drina River provides the perfect setting for a guided day of kayaking. Continue the adventure the next day at Mount Tara and spend several hours rock climbing. Nights will be spent at a luxurious villa.

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Montenegro - On Highland footsteps - featured image

Hiking the Montenegro Highlands

We will take you through the ancient paths used by the people of old, where you will soak in the spirit of the true highlanders, brave men and women who have once treaded these lands, conquering the unknown.

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Montenegro - Road to South - featured image

Biking and Hiking in Montenegro

It is a rare opportunity, to be able to climb peaks over 2000 meters in height and then lie on a beach at the foot of a medieval town surrounded by an abundance of premium wine, all within a short period of time.

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BiH - In the middle earth - featured image

Bike, Hike and Climb the Bosnian Highlands

Experience Bosnian Highlands, its highest village, find out about petrified dragon, and other local legends. See amazing Rakitnica canyon and feel the adrenalin rush while climbing rock cliffs.

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Eagle nest - featured image

Hike and Abseil in Serbia

Western Serbia is home to a beautiful karst landscape full of rivers, lakes and mountains. Views over the Uvac River Canyon are incredible. The reserve is also home to a thriving population of enormous Griffon Vultures.

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BiH - Water world - featured image

Raft, Hike and Canyon in Bosnia

Spend unforgettable weekend at the Blue hearth of Europe – pearls of Balkan rivers, Neretva and Rakitnica. Enjoy rafting, hiking and canyoning; dip in amazing Boracko lake.

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Adventure map in Balkans

Travel Impressions:


I enjoyed EST expeditions and made very good friends, who I have been in regular contact with ever since.   I experienced and  learned  a lot during the two expeditions I went to with Extreme Summit Team. I appreciate the way in which Dragan does his job.  His knowledge of the secrets of the Himalayas inspires confidence in each member of the expedition and my opinion is that he is capable to lead to the top of the mountain even people with modest mountaineering skills. I am always pleased to recommend EST team to all my colleagues who would like to experience the challenges of high mountain climbing

Zdenko Maric, Mostar, Hercegovina


“I came to know Dragan and his extremist team somewhat too late.  I had climbed and walked across the mountains for over thirty years  (it is not just the air but the spirit of mountains), but never much farther than Mt. Durmitor and  Mt. Prokletije and never higher than Mt. Olympus.  For a long time I thought I could not go farther or higher until I met Dragan who is familiar with paths that lead far and beyond and high up in the air and joined him when I was sixty something, for the time being just to the Himalayas, the Andes, Mt. Atlas.  Sounds incomplete, doesn’t it?

Verica Mrdak i Stevan Kordic, Beograd


I was fortunate enough to be a member of three expeditions organized by EST: Island peak, Aconcagua and Cho Oyu. They are true professionals, good and likeable people who not only provide technical assistance but also offer spiritual development. It was an honor to meet Dragan, Miloš and Nina who made gravity have less of an effect on me.

Adis Cingic, Sarajevo