Dokažite sebi da možete. Popnite se na najviše vrhove sveta, Ako vam je potreban cilj, ili malo akcije u životu. Ako želite da promenite vaš život iz korena, prijavite se na životnu avanturu i budite jedan od izabranih koji su pogledali na svet sa najveće visine i koji mogu da kažu da su sedeli na krovovima sveta.

Venezuela – The Lost World

Duration: 15 days

Trekking in the Roraima Mountains, Canaima, Angel Falls and the Orinoco Delta

Meeting date: 15th November 2018


Journey into a land that time has forgotten and conquer the pre-Cambrian tabletop summit of Mount Roraima. This stunning mountain is sacred to the region’s indigenous people and is said to have inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work – ‘The Lost World’. Take time to explore the unique flora and fauna—some of which is completely unique to the mountain. The trek itself takes six days from start to finish, but this 2-week adventure also includes canoe trips in Canaima National Park and a thrilling trek to Angel Falls. If you’re fit and want to go off the beaten track, this adventure will take you to new heights. Remote trekking on the extraordinary mountain of Roraima, a river camping expedition to Angel Falls, the Orinoco Delta and experiencing the culture of one of South America’s most diverse countries, all in just one journey! The name Venezuela, meaning “Little Venice”, may be due to the Palafitos (stilt houses), which reminded Amerigo Vespucci of Venice when he explored Lake Maracaibo. If Roraima is a “Paradise for the Geologist” in our tour, then the Orinoco delta is a “Paradise for the Biologist”, because of the amazing wealth of flora and fauna that can be observed in this wonderful place.

This itinerary is designed for groups of friends to experience the magic of Venezuela on a trekking and adventure holiday. The trip begins in the capital city of Caracas, before flying south to Puerto Ordaz and the gateway to the Gran Sabana. The flat-topped mountains of the Tepuis are truly a world apart, and unlike any landscape you will have experienced before. The highest point of the Tepuis is Roraima, which stands at 2875 m. As you ascend and explore this extraordinary mountain it is easy to imagine the efforts of the first explorers in the 1920’s, who were the first visitors to witness this remarkable place. Roraima is one of the best trekking trips in Latin America, maybe even worldwide. Trek to the lost world to experience incredible views and witness another environment with a 70% endemic lifestyle. This is a unique place on our planet. At the end of the trekking, the expedition continues by river to Angel Falls. Camp overnight in the jungle and trek to the base of Angel Falls, spending time to take in the dramatic landscapes.

During the trek in the Orinoco Delta we will visit Warao Indian villages. These villages are interesting because of the inhabitants’ way of life, and because of the “Palafitos”. A Palafito is on stilts, a dwelling erected on bodies of water. We will also have the chance to learn about the local trees and fruits, and handicrafts made out of the Moriche Palm. Moriche is a very important tree for the Warao Indians, because from it they are able to eat, drink, dress and sleep. The Moriche Palm Hammock is an iconic example of that. Before sunset, we will navigate to an isle called “Isla de Aves”, where we can watch thousands of different types of birds returning to their shelter on the isle.


Journey into a land that time has forgotten and conquer the pre-Cambrian tabletop summit of Mount Roraima. This stunning mountain is sacred to the region’s indigenous people and is said to have inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work – ‘The Lost World’.

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I enjoyed EST expeditions and made very good friends, who I have been in regular contact with ever since.   I experienced and  learned  a lot during the two expeditions I went to with Extreme Summit Team. I appreciate the way in which Dragan does his job.  His knowledge of the secrets of the Himalayas inspires confidence in each member of the expedition and my opinion is that he is capable to lead to the top of the mountain even people with modest mountaineering skills. I am always pleased to recommend EST team to all my colleagues who would like to experience the challenges of high mountain climbing

Zdenko Maric, Mostar, Hercegovina


“I came to know Dragan and his extremist team somewhat too late.  I had climbed and walked across the mountains for over thirty years  (it is not just the air but the spirit of mountains), but never much farther than Mt. Durmitor and  Mt. Prokletije and never higher than Mt. Olympus.  For a long time I thought I could not go farther or higher until I met Dragan who is familiar with paths that lead far and beyond and high up in the air and joined him when I was sixty something, for the time being just to the Himalayas, the Andes, Mt. Atlas.  Sounds incomplete, doesn’t it?

Verica Mrdak i Stevan Kordic, Beograd


I was fortunate enough to be a member of three expeditions organized by EST: Island peak, Aconcagua and Cho Oyu. They are true professionals, good and likeable people who not only provide technical assistance but also offer spiritual development. It was an honor to meet Dragan, Miloš and Nina who made gravity have less of an effect on me.

Adis Cingic, Sarajevo