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We are team that creates fun, adventure, and if you want the ultimate sport performance. We are a team. Together we will take you where you have not been, and above all, create new invaluable experience. Guides of our teams have extensive experience of Himalayas, Andes, Alps, Atlas and Caucasus. They know to train recreational climbers to tip over 8000m. We take you you on weekend tours of the most interesting and unexplored regions of Serbia or the expedition to the seemingly unreachable and exotic locations in the world. What is most important is that every journey a special adventure that is rarely the same or repeated. How about the "walk" to the highest peaks, ride bikes in the wilderness, trekking through the canyons and discover the secrets of the Himalayas?

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us! We are happy to assist you. Or, if you would like to sign up with your team for one of our expeditions/adventures, we’ll send you all the details and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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I enjoyed EST expeditions and made very good friends, who I have been in regular contact with ever since.   I experienced and  learned  a lot during the two expeditions I went to with Extreme Summit Team. I appreciate the way in which Dragan does his job.  His knowledge of the secrets of the Himalayas inspires confidence in each member of the expedition and my opinion is that he is capable to lead to the top of the mountain even people with modest mountaineering skills. I am always pleased to recommend EST team to all my colleagues who would like to experience the challenges of high mountain climbing

Zdenko Maric, Mostar, Hercegovina


“I came to know Dragan and his extremist team somewhat too late.  I had climbed and walked across the mountains for over thirty years  (it is not just the air but the spirit of mountains), but never much farther than Mt. Durmitor and  Mt. Prokletije and never higher than Mt. Olympus.  For a long time I thought I could not go farther or higher until I met Dragan who is familiar with paths that lead far and beyond and high up in the air and joined him when I was sixty something, for the time being just to the Himalayas, the Andes, Mt. Atlas.  Sounds incomplete, doesn’t it?

Verica Mrdak i Stevan Kordic, Beograd


I was fortunate enough to be a member of three expeditions organized by EST: Island peak, Aconcagua and Cho Oyu. They are true professionals, good and likeable people who not only provide technical assistance but also offer spiritual development. It was an honor to meet Dragan, Miloš and Nina who made gravity have less of an effect on me.

Adis Cingic, Sarajevo