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Meet the members of our team - they are all experienced team leaders who will guide you on your adventures.

Dragan Jaćimović , expedition leader

Renowned Serbian Alpinist and founder of Extreme Summit Team

NAME: Dragan Jacimovic


Founder and president of Extreme Summit Team. On May 26th 2000, Dragan became the first person from Serbia to climb the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest (8848m). He climbed Cho-Oyu (8201m) during the post-monsoon season of 1998, and then climbed Ama Dablam (6854m) during the winter season of 1999. During his successful career as a guide he has climbed the highest peak in South America – Aconcagua (6962m) – seven times. As expedition leader, he has set new records in group climbs with a 100% success rate. In late July of 2004, 34 climbers under Dragan’s leadership successfully reached the summit of Mt. Elbrus (5642m). This achievement set a new record in group climbs of Mt. Elbrus. Following this success, in February 2008, he led all 22 members of an expedition to the summit of Aconcagua (6962m). During his career so far, he has led successful expeditions to Mt. Everest (8848m), Manaslu (8163m), Cho-Oyu (8201m), Ama Dablam (6854m), Lobuche East (6119m), Island Peak (6189m) and Aconcagua (6962m).

To date, he has led over 200 climbers to the world’s highest peaks, all across the planet. In addition, his expeditions have included the first woman from Serbia, the first climber from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the first Macedonian to return home alive from climbing Mt. Everest (8848m). Dragan’s greatest asset is the fact that all the members of his expeditions have returned home alive and in good health. He has participated in several humanitarian projects aimed at children without parental care, and is especially proud of helping the Sherpa community and equipping the primary school in the village of Namche Bazar (Khumbu, Nepal).

He is instructor in national school of mountain guides in Serbia.

Boris Lorenčič – Lori

Professional mountain guide with UIAGM/IFGMA licence

NAME: Boris Lorenčič - Lori

ACTIVITIES: Climbing , Mountain guide

Lori is a top climber and mountain guide. In 2004 he became a UIAGM/IFGMA certified mountain guide. He started climbing in 1986 and has completed over 1000 ascents since then. He is interested in all kinds of climbing and has made many difficult ascents, most of them in winter. He prefers free, alpine style climbing with minimum equipment. He mostly climbs the Alps and Dolomites, but is proud of climbs he has done in the Himalayas, North America and Patagonia.



Awards for completed ascents:
–  Piolet d’Or 2007 for the NW Face of Chomolhari (7326m) in Tibet, with Marko Prezelj
–  Golden Piton Award 2007 bestowed by Climbing magazine for Chomolhari
–  Golden insignia from the Slovenian mountaineering association

Successful expeditions:

1996 – Aurora route, El Capitan, Yosemite, A4  (then A5)
2006 – Patagonia:
Slovak route, Fitz Roy, West Face – The highest face of Patagonia, 2300m, 6b+, A1, 2 days;El Mocho: Benitiers, 500m, 6b, A1, 4h;Ag. Saint Exupery: Claro de Luna, 800m, 6c, 7h.
2006 – Himalaya, Tibet
Jangmo Gopsha, 6900m, 1st summit ascent;
Chomolhari, 7326m NW Pillar, 1st ascent, 6 days for ascent and descent
2007 – Himalaya – Nepal
Pathibara – Pyramid Peak 7140m, SW Face, 1st ascent, probably 1st summit ascent
2009 –Tehuelche route, Fitz Roy, 1300 m, 6b + / A2, 2nd ascent
2010 – Himalaya
India, Nithal Thaur, 6236m, 1st ascent. Expected 1st ascent on Hardeol 7151m was cancelled because of extraordinary loose rock and falling stones.
2011 – Himalaya
Makalu (8156m)

Miloš Ivačković, mountain guide

An incredible young climber and leader of numerous expeditions

NAME: Milos Ivackovic


Miloš is the most versatile member of our team. He began his career as a rock climber and his greatest achievements so far have been in 8b+ graded climbs. He has climbed several routes of the famous El Capitan (Yosemite, California). On the other hand, he has tested his skills in the Himalayas, climbing Mt. Everest (8848m) in 2007, along the north ridge from Tibet.

As a guide, he has shown great dedication to the mountains and responsibility for the people he has guided to mountain summits. He has led groups several times to Mera Peak (6476m), Aconcagua (6962m), as well as Mt. Everest (8848m).

He is a member of the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia, and a licenced mountain guide.

Petar Pećanac, mountain guide

A dedicated alpinist, passionate photographer and nature-lover

NAME: Petar Pecanac

ACTIVITIES: Alpinism / Photograph

Petar is a mountain guide and a professional photographer. His long-time dream of climbing Mt. Everest came true on May 20th 2007, when he became the first person from Bosnia and Herzegovina to reach the roof of the world. Before that, he successfully climbed Aconcagua (6962m) and Cho-Oyu (8201m).

He is a passionate photographer and in love with nature and the mountains. His wish is to dedicate his life to mountains and leading expeditions, as well as to sail around the world one day with the other members of EST!

Dragana Rajblović, mountain guide

The first woman from Serbia and the Balkans to climb Mt. Everest, the world’s highest peak

NAME: Dragana Rajblovic


Dragana has been active in mountaineering and climbing for the past 20 years. In addition to peaks such as Mt. Elbrus (5642m) in the Caucasus, Island Peak (6189m) in the Himalayas and many others, she has climbed peaks over 8000 meters high, such as Cho-Oyu (8201m), and in 2007 she became the first woman from Serbia and the Balkans to climb the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest (8848m) in the Himalayas. Considering that she has not completed any climbs more difficult than VII+, despite her extensive climbing experience, she feels they are not worth listing! During her first solo expedition in 2008 in South America, with no logistics, guides or supporting team, she climbed the highest volcano on Earth, Ojos Del Salado (6893m), after having crossed 100 km of the Atacama desert, a region that is rarely approached from the Argentinean side of the desert. In 2009, in the same area, she climbed Mt. Pissis (6680m). In 2011, she led a successful expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro (5895m).

In addition to guiding and climbing, she has become a great fan of off-road riding, and plans to travel around the world on a motorcycle, in addition to her regular expeditions. She actively promotes mountain climbing through her work with children and youth.

Aleksandar Rašin, mountain guide

A member of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia since 1983, has climbed meny peaks higher than 6000m

NAME: Aleksandar Rašin

ACTIVITIES: Planinarenje, Mountain guide

Alek is our calmest guide, and also the expedition photographer and cameraman. In 2008 he climbed
Aconcagua (6962m) and Manaslu (8163m).

As a guide, he has participated in the following expeditions:

– 2004, Mt. Elbrus (5642m)

– 2005, Gran Paradiso (4061m) & Mont Blanc (4810m)

– 2007, Denali (6194m)

– 2008, Aconcagua (6962m), Manaslu (8163m)

– 2009, Mount Everest (8848m)

– 2011, Aconcagua (6962m)

– 2012, Aconcagua (6962m)

Kenan Muftic , mountain guide

NAME: Kenan Muftic


Kenan is born on 17th of January 1975 in Sarajevo, where he lives and work as well. He is in love with nature and mountains since his childhood, however he is more active mountaineer and alpinist over last ten years. He is also a caver and quite active backcountry skier. Last years he was working on landmine clearance projects abroad, and he spent more than five years in the fields of Africa and Tajikistan. He successfully summited numerous peaks above two thousand meters, but his most significant ascents are:

–          Highest peak of Ethiopia – RasDashen 4550 m,
–          Highest peak of Swiss Douforspitze 4632 m,
–          Peak Energy (5120 m) in Fan mountains (Tajikistan),
–          Highest peaks of Kenya, Nelion (5188 m) and Batiyan (5199 m),
–          Kilimanjaro 5890 m, and
–          AmaDablam 6812 m.

For ascent on Ama Dablam, Kenan has been awarded honorary golden badge Mountaineering Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is a head of mountaineering and alpinism section of Mountaineers Club “Zeljeznicar” from Sarajevo and member of expedition commission of Mountaineering Association of B&H.


Travel Impressions:


I enjoyed EST expeditions and made very good friends, who I have been in regular contact with ever since.   I experienced and  learned  a lot during the two expeditions I went to with Extreme Summit Team. I appreciate the way in which Dragan does his job.  His knowledge of the secrets of the Himalayas inspires confidence in each member of the expedition and my opinion is that he is capable to lead to the top of the mountain even people with modest mountaineering skills. I am always pleased to recommend EST team to all my colleagues who would like to experience the challenges of high mountain climbing

Zdenko Maric, Mostar, Hercegovina


“I came to know Dragan and his extremist team somewhat too late.  I had climbed and walked across the mountains for over thirty years  (it is not just the air but the spirit of mountains), but never much farther than Mt. Durmitor and  Mt. Prokletije and never higher than Mt. Olympus.  For a long time I thought I could not go farther or higher until I met Dragan who is familiar with paths that lead far and beyond and high up in the air and joined him when I was sixty something, for the time being just to the Himalayas, the Andes, Mt. Atlas.  Sounds incomplete, doesn’t it?

Verica Mrdak i Stevan Kordic, Beograd


I was fortunate enough to be a member of three expeditions organized by EST: Island peak, Aconcagua and Cho Oyu. They are true professionals, good and likeable people who not only provide technical assistance but also offer spiritual development. It was an honor to meet Dragan, Miloš and Nina who made gravity have less of an effect on me.

Adis Cingic, Sarajevo